The Antenna Apps

The Antenna Applications are a suite of over 80 interactive functions, developed as highly flexible, modules.   These modules can be combined or configured in any way required, to build content driven applications for both the IOS and Android Platforms. 

The Antenna Applications have underpinned over 300 app builds for Museums and Cultural sites across the globe.

Role: UI Design Director

Role: UX Designer / Producer

Platforms: Ios & android

Agency: Antenna International

Year: 2013 – Present

Visual mockups and wireframes I created when developing the Antenna Applications

Tour set up Mutlimedia screen
Antenna App Multimedia Tour setup wireframe
Site map for interactive applications
Antenna App sitemap
Antenna App Sitemap
Antenna App sitemap of audio experiences
Screens from Antenna Applications
Selected screens from the Antenna Applications
Device status screen
Application global navigation element
Navigation bar as global element
Tour selection menu
Language selection menu
Language selection list menu
Language confirmation screens
Application splash screens
video splash screen functionality
Tour Start Screen
Welcome message - audio player with image support
Thumbnail list menu
Text list menus
Grid menus
Audio overlay from antenna apps
Audio slideshows
Audio player overlay
Video player screens
Image gallery grid
Image gallery viewer
Text screens
Keypad screens
Interactive timeline screens
Chronological timelines opening screens
Chronological timeline - content screens
Interactive map instruction overlay
Interactive map with overlay
Quiz start screens
Quiz question screens
Quiz answer screens
Quiz result screens
Quiz screen landscape orientation
Interactive survey screens
Geolocation - beacon triggering
Beacon triggered content