Eltham Palace – Design Proposal

Design Proposal for English Heritage client Eltham Palace

Multimedia application for IOS devices

Role: UI Design Director

Role: UX Designer

Agency: Antenna Intl

Year: 2014

Screen design proposals, both dark and light options, for the digital guide at Eltham Palace

Tour Start screens for applications
Tour start screen options for English Heritage
Main menus of Eltham Palace Porposal
Top menu screens for dark and light versions
Eltham Palace thumbnail menu
Thumbnail list menu options. Dark and light.
Keypad screens from Eltham Palace apps design option
Numerical Keypad interfaces
Audio Players from Eltham Palace
Audio player screens
Transcript overlay for Eltham Palace design proposal
Transcript overlay sitting above audio player screen
Text screens from Eltham Palace app
Scrolling text screen with releavnt image
Video screens from Eltham Palace proposal for English Heritage
Video player options, dark option above, light below